A couple of blue mooons ago (last week) Chips for the Poor were asked to contribute a song to a forthcoming compilation celebrating the 2 year history of the 113 Dalston Lane venue.

We were lucky enough to record live in the actual nest and being true fuckin professionals whipped off two songs in three takes. One take was wasted due to Chips floppy fringe disruptating the flow from his busted drain brain.

We look forward to the compilation coming out and thanks to 113, Keeby and Mark for the set up. You can have the master blaster new hit we didn’t give to the comp, right here, right now…

What is this? Fuckin’ Karate School. by Chips_for_the_Poor
*CFacTP* this song has only ever been played twice, once for 10 minutes, once live and this arrangement was new to all including Ben who’d only ever heard the title before. Marchin on sunshine to the 1 take-tion army.


This was bounced out a month back,  it’s a limited edition 3 member Chips for the Poor Brixton home invasion/visual/version of ‘GracelandsGracelands’.

Sing along to your own bouncing ball.

and I think to myself, oh baby I like it raw, get in my car, I drive my car so fast, I find myself in space, 1965 and I look inside that house you’re baking that pie, why you baking that pie for?, why can I just take a little slice? why I wanna take a slice of that, who the hell is baking pie?, “it’s for my old man, sitting on my bed, he’s inside and he eats the lot”, can I ask him? if I can have some?, I’m very hungry now, I wanna go into his bed and he says “no way molay, I’m gonna have the lot”, his door locked, sits on the bog and grubs the lot, that’s when his cage wrecks, that’s when the cage wrecks, that’s when the cage wrecks, wrecks itself, that’s when his heart breaks, that’s when his bum breaks, that’s when he fills the bowl with blood, I say well, that’s fair detail, that’s the way you go to hell, shit in a handbag, shit in a handbag, shit in a handbag, GracelandsGracelands, GracelandsGracelands, shit in a handbag, shit in a handbag, I own the key, I bought a property, sold it to the government, and sold it to the communists, they all said, we wanna stick a high wire there, we wanna stick a warhead now, stick a warhead in a flowerbed, and ur don’t go there, all the tourists walk round and they say “these features are very nice, are these original ones that I have read inside the book of love?”, tourist information is over and cos they dance that’s another story, in them comes, walking around now, you better be quick and get out of here, in they walk, that’s how they look, that’s how they take us all, take us all, take a little bath, take a little bath, take a little bath, twockers up!, that’s how the world ends, that’s our warhead, GracelandsGracelands, don’t press that!, Go press it now, run along now, come along now, that’s how it ends, time for the future, don’t wanna know, don’t wanna know, that’s how it ends, shit in a handbag, shit in a handbag, shit in a handbag, GracelandsGracelands, arrgghh!