Don’t wozzy wooo hooo, it was all dunn safely first with only 1 group of street warriors in short Smirnoff Ice bottle lobbing distance, them not us, I’m off the electric soup midweek fUctfans. Inspired by Roxy Music’s ‘Country Life’ cover… …Chips for the Poor climbed over a fence into Victoria Park Gardens to get one with nature. We decided to keep clothes on as them moths don’t half bite mum.

All shots in the dark by Ian Scott Newcomb.

then it all got a bit jingle jangle whilst slopping out council estate porridge and brewin a tar thick coffee, Chips for the Poor rustled up a wee jingle for the whizzy Manchester podcast Cloud Sounds. I sent it Ted already so if he uses it, just act surprised. As you woz not whurr.

Cloud Sounds Jingle April 2010 by Chips_for_the_Poor