Chips for the Poor test the pressurE

Hope this don’t come as too much of a shock but Chips for the Poor are dropping a new slab of vinyl onto planet earth. Last week they got the test pressings back from the Curved Factory and excitedly locked that groove so hard und fast that Ben’s trousers lost they grip.

NB the original 8 track recording is next to the record player.

Now twist yer melon’s back in time to Chips for the Poor recording the 3 track 7″ live at Mesters in Nottingham. It’s a haunted old lace factory and believe me CFTP was goosed whilst gettin hectic on the M.I.C.



and we still got energys to big blue house ya!

Thanks again to Mark, Zach and Loz @ Mesters

plus ‘County’s The Team For Me’ 7″ prezzie.



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