Two Rooms (Full of Insects)

We upload another blast from the past to our Bandcamp.

Earl Shilton – Two Rooms (Full of Insects)

‘One of the best metal records we’ve received for Christ-only-knows how long. Deftly traipses through speed, death, black, Viking and abstract heavy metal without being artsy and annoying. Total mastery of the steed of metaldom. F*cking killer.’ – Vice Magazine (Album of the Month)

‘A weird, unsettling trip.’ – Kerrang!

‘Dark, brutal and brilliant.’ – Bizarre

‘Cataclysmic guitars, raging vocals and thunderous drums with violent blasts of hardcore.’ – Uncut

‘Raw death metal, reminiscent of the sort of noise emerging from the Earache stables in the late 80’s.’ – Rocksound

‘Peter Criss pretty much ruined any hope you might have had of a good solo album from a drummer. Thankfully, the debut album from former Groop Dogdrill/Bolt Thrower sticksman proves that solo albums from skinbashers do actually work. Musically this is hard and heavy deathly metal without a mint of self-indulgence. Which is nice.’ – Terrorizer


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