Cops Hate Our Love

In 2002, Toah Dynamic left the garden shed to lick the rain drops of pure steel and bring you…

Cops Hate Our Love an album of psychic emanations and verbal equinox. Unpredictable electronics underpin vocal tirades of uncertain focus alongside crepuscular instrumental arrangements detailing glimpses of hideous skeletal forms in the dusk. Toah Dynamic are the sound of your barge holiday as it draws up to a scrap yard of unruly Alsatians and boiler-suited families on hybrid motorbikes. This album is for when you are only wearing silver at an East End boozer whilst leaning on a piano and receiving facefulls of confetti.

Toah Dynamic – Cops Hate Our Love

Sleeve Artwork by Kev Grey.

‘Supreme Vagabond Craftsman and Kid Acne’s allegedly ‘hip-hop’ based project actually sounds a lot like The Fall in the mid-Eighties. In other words, It’s brilliant.’ – Muzik

‘The South Yorkshire-based troupe of sound scape vandals and maverick MC talent have really come up with the goods. They don’t just promise ‘the sound of your barge holiday as it pulls up to a scrap yard of unruly Alsatians’, they actually deliver it.’ – Mojo

Toah Dynamic specialise in some of the most irritating/ entertaining music created this year, doling out words of wisdom like the local psychopath after an afternoon on the Evo-stick.’Cops Hate Our Love’ is like a tone deaf Fall tribute band jamming with a community music group for the mentally-handicapped, which I guess somehow is the point.’ – Rock Sound

‘The rolling mandolins, guitars and drums hint at psychedelic folk, but the vocals and unpredictable beats suggest that Toah Dynamic are warped B-boys infatuated with left field hip-hop.’ – Uncut

‘Raw, disjointed and somewhat psychedelic, Toah Dynamic are both interesting and tough.’ – DJ Magazine

‘Second album from the Invisible Spies recording collective. A totally unique album full of quirkyness, lo fi beats,samples galore, distortion, drugs, Beefheart style guitar and complete and utter madness.’ – Rough Trade

‘Long awaited follow up to “Movement” from the east Pennines based, Beefheart loving, homey cooperative. Hard to say if Toah’s determined “Can’t play, won’t play” ethics will find any new fans on this outing, but for the converted, more thrills than you can imagine.’ – Boomkat

Visit the Invisible Spies Bandcamp for more highlights in lowlights.


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