Chips for the Poor tour Chicago and SXSW

Chips For The Poor’s tour of the America’s starts this week.

Thursday 10 March: The Hideout, 1354 West Wabansia, Chicago.
1 song opening show for Bobby Conn.

Thursday 10 March: WZRD Chicago, Live Session – 10.30pm CST
Thusday Night Live session on WZRD, Chicago’s freeform college radio station – 88.3FM in Chicago or online.

Friday 11 March: Pancho’s Bar, 2200N California Ave, Chicago.
In a burrito bar, with Magic Gloves, Faggy Pussy and Lexie Trip.

Sunday 13 March: Chic-a-go-go TV performance at The Beauty Bar, 1444 W. Chicago Ave – 3pm
For the iconic Chicago Access Network TV kids’ show Chic-a-go-go, with Hollows and Steve Ignorant of Crass.

Sunday 13 March: The Empty Bottle,
1035 N. Western Ave, Chicago
– 7pm.

Wednesday 16 March:
The Habana Bar, 708 E 6th St, Austin, Texas – 11pm

Our SXSW showcase show and second burrito bar gig on this tour. We’re playing with another great UK band called Chapter 24 and two acts with swear words in their name.

Thursday 17 March:
Trophy’s Bar & Grill, 2008 S. Congress Ave – 12pm – 20:00.
We hit the outdoor stage at 3pm – FREE

A free SXSW fringe festival party! With food… Eat and rock simultaneously…

Saturday 19 March:
East Village People Day Party, 1200 E 11th St – 12 noon – 10pm.
We are onstage at 7pm

A free benefit BBQ party for SARA Sanctuary at a mystery venue.

If you can/can’t make it, you can always follow the action online at and this ‘ere wee blog.

Stay strong and see you all on the flip side…
Michael, Scott, Clare, Ben and Mini Pops Jnr.


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