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Chips For The Poor
Steve Christie

Chips For The Poor and Steve Christie perform live in session on Resoanance FM‘s Hello GoodBye.

Listen again: HERE

Anguish Sandwich – Goungzhou Romance Musical Instruments Co.
Chips For The Poor – Scarecrow Electric (LIVE SESSION)
Chips For The Poor – Crab Shakkin’ (LIVE SESSION)
Chips For The Poor – Bad Scenes 2 (LIVE SESSION)
Trash Kit – Shyness
Chips For The Poor – ‘interview’
Now – Ethnic Snack (Hello GoodBye archive 11.09.04)
Kira Kira – High Frequency Spirits United
Olivia Chaney – Oxford Girl
Mary Ocher – Paris
Steve Christie – Witches Mildren (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – J. Alfred Proofrock (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – Bat Agony Nine (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – Pegs (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – Summer Is A Coming In (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – ‘interview’
Dudley Moore Trio – Song For Suzy
The Rebel – Ham House Of Horror

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