Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 25.10.14 – Ft: Chips For The Poor + Steve Christie

Flip your wig on this…


Chips For The Poor
Steve Christie

Chips For The Poor and Steve Christie perform live in session on Resoanance FM‘s Hello GoodBye.

Listen again: HERE

Anguish Sandwich – Goungzhou Romance Musical Instruments Co.
Chips For The Poor – Scarecrow Electric (LIVE SESSION)
Chips For The Poor – Crab Shakkin’ (LIVE SESSION)
Chips For The Poor – Bad Scenes 2 (LIVE SESSION)
Trash Kit – Shyness
Chips For The Poor – ‘interview’
Now – Ethnic Snack (Hello GoodBye archive 11.09.04)
Kira Kira – High Frequency Spirits United
Olivia Chaney – Oxford Girl
Mary Ocher – Paris
Steve Christie – Witches Mildren (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – J. Alfred Proofrock (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – Bat Agony Nine (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – Pegs (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – Summer Is A Coming In (LIVE SESSION)
Steve Christie – ‘interview’
Dudley Moore Trio – Song For Suzy
The Rebel – Ham House Of Horror

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