COUNCIL POP WILL EAT ITSELF – 10 Year Anniversary Edition – OUT NOW!

As some of you might remember,

Kid Acne released his 2nd rap album in 2003.

The title of the record was COUNCIL POP.

Production was handled by Fruity Loops-wizard and UK graffiti veteran, Req One.

We recorded everything onto Tascam ¼” tape recorders – either at my flat in Sheffield or his house in Brighton and bounced down the final mixes onto miniDisc at the Skint studio. Yeth M8. Read/See More…

To mark the ten year anniversary of COUNCIL POP

The Kid’s unearthed a couple of boxes ​out the cellar and hand-screenprinted the covers, front and back.

PLUS the rare Acne Instrumentals Lp and Radio Music/ Hooligan 78 12″ (also customised) are in the mix.

It’s a super limited edition of 33⅓.

Each one is signed, numbered and embossed on the inner sleeve.

Available HERE from Tuesday June 18th at 10am.



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