S O U T H Y O R K S 2 0 1 2

Stage Times:

3.00pm Kid Acne artist talk and Zebraface Film
3.30pm Methodist Centre
4.00pm DJ Benjamin Hatton
4.15pm Earl Shilton
5.00pm Trellion & Sniff
5.30pm Chips For The Poor

6.00pm Chester P
6.30pm Juice Aleem

7.15pm Flaming Skulls

8.00pm Madd Colours

8.30pm Infinite Livez
9.00pm DJ Slick Dixxx (South Yorks Mixtape)
9.45pm Walter Ego
10.45pm DJ Pipes
11.15pm The Forgemasters
12.15 – 2am
DJ Pipes
DJ Winston Hazel
DJ Slick Dixxx
DJ Benjamin Hatton

PLUS there’s the Busker Bus.

Chips for the Poor will be bringing the sound of broken’d Britain to the top deck with black metal artist Earl Shilton taking over on drumming duties. 

ALL ABOARD from Sidney Street at 18:30 hours.



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