Dig on it Hard

Chips for the Poor have a NEW 7″ FISTULA out for PRE-ORDER from PARLOUR RECORDS

It was all recorded and mixed live under the kitchen floor by Bobby Conn when the band visited the Windy City of Chicago

Barber who dun the single artwork has more eye-ball fruits for you > bfilth.tumblr.com

All copies come fresh with a hurting digital Ladies Remix by Robin The Fog

T R I P on S A F E L Y to the S O U N D S my C H I LL D R E N…

c o m e do wn to the LA UN CH at Power Lunches on May 17th


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  1. Rough Trade Shops review of the single – “psychedelic punk nonsensical merchants chips for the poor return with a new single drunkenly recorded with avant outsider professional bobby conn. after enjoying the confines of austin’s south by south west the band were kidnapped by conn and brought to chicago where they laid down 3 tracks of drum machine-aided fall-esque rambunctiousness which ups the melodic ante for cftp without disregarding the bands’ renown for off-the-wallisms”


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