When You Love Your Job, It’s Only Half A Day

Methodist Centre – When You Love Your Job It’s Only Half A Day

The first two singles “I Sold Out To Management” and “How Safe Is Safe Sex?” sold out in two days, and caused a storm at London’s Underage club when the frank depiction of male genitalia in the artwork was brought to the attention of the management.

Since then the band has been assaulted by metal fans on psychedelics in Luton, run the gauntlet with Nazi skins who didn’t listen to the words in Leicester, and inspired drummer Dean to take a year long Sabbatical from the D.T.I to write a pornographic novel, which will be published as the band’s “album”.

‘This EP is real, fun and brutal’ – Artrocker Magazine

‘His voice is a weapon’ – Plan B Magazine

‘Punking out in the most forceful of fashion’ – P.i.X Magazine

‘Jamming together hazardous hooks and corrupted thoughts’ – I.D Magazine

Photography by Ben Tanner.

(c) Invisible Spies Records 2008


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