Fuck Everyone, I Am King

First released in 2007 as a limited edition vinyl LP…

Now available as we never imagined…

Photograph © Nicola Jayne Maskrey

Supreme Vagabond Craftsman – Fuck Everyone, I Am King

“Just put out an album called “Fuck Everyone, I am King” that I’m hawking door to door like an ex-offender with a load of J cloths. Got one eye on that bickie tin full of cash under your dirty mattress, so best not invite me in for a cuppa if you know what I’m saying.

It’s all home recordings from me and Kid Acne’s old crib, you can hear the dusty artex, leaky ceiling, ghost carpet and the sound of chillin, chillin and more chillin.

The songs concern council estate mysticism, Scientologist assassins and 2nd hand car dealers receiving alien communications, among other stuff.

No-one fucks about with CDs anymore do they?” – Supreme Vagabond Craftsman

(c) Invisible Spies Records 2007


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