LSD Who Said That?

Back in 2005 it was a brave new world for Chips for the Poor…fight back the track marks and magic eye traces for this bread box buster…

Chips for the Poor – LSD Who Said That?

“Genius 7” – Rob Da Bank, BBC Radio One

“The vibe is lo-fi electronic punk that nods to Suicide, The Fall and The Talking Heads but carries a humour more present in modern new wavers such as simian mobile disco. This is a seven inch that will turn a few heads”  – Rough Trade Records

“Chips for the Poor is the dark psychedelic underbelly of Sheffield. Whilst media types jerk themselves over Artic Monkeys, it is a shame that they will be overlooking the pure Fall mania that is Chips For the Poor. One listen to the ‘LSD Who Said That’? will make you realise that Sheffield contains one of the best psychedelic Ken Loach poets known to man”  – Poptones

“Brittle punk shakedown with a bargain bin production that makes the Mummies sound appear almost Spector” –

“For aural sadists only”  – Spill Magazine

“Really funny and powerful, like Brain Of Borbius” –

“Disturbing future psych-punk classic, with drum machines at the helm, grinding synthesizers and nonsense lyricism from the twisted poetic forward-thinking genius. Think someone force feeding your record collection into a blender and setting fire to the mangled product” – Angry Ape

“If you enjoy musical safety, then avoid Chips for the Poor like the plague. Like taking an S&M aural beating. Its hard not to get off to it. It makes you feel dirty!”  – The National Student

“This garbled, primitive electro-dirge is something Mute Records could have chucked out circa 1982, and consists of a misguided soul castigating hallucinogenic drugs and his sorry lot over what sounds like a malfunctioning railway station tannoy system” – The Guardian Guide

“This is the sound of running headfirst into a brick wall or doing forward rolls off motorway bridges wearing nothing but a crash helmet and angel wings. Brain melting, off-kilter, punk-rock excitement that’s the perfect summer anthem for those who aspire to droog status” – Soul Generation

“Borderline uncategorisable / quite bonkers scratchy / distorted lo-fi punk, the sort of thing Cassette boy likes to get up to or that the KLF got sued for. Not easy to pigeonhole but certainly entertaining” –

“STOP something is wrong. Its Chips for the Poor moved by macabre visions spitting boredom and nihilism like the stooges in 1969. Whiney rhythmic, which leads you to suicide with brainless enraging singing, like The Fall and The Dead Kennedys. He has reduced language to stupidity by hammering in a single sentence til it makes no sense and makes and you feel like breaking the radio. More dada than LSD” –

“Brilliant as is rest of it, actually” – Sound Track For The Weekend

“Continually interspersing like a neurotic caged bird to brilliant effect & has much more northern spunk than the try-to-hard likes of Selfish Cunt et al”  -Norman Records

“Very insane, and also completely rubbish” –

“Will stick in your head like a piece of shrapnel” – Lobster Quadrille Magazine

“Neat blast of trim lo-fi hardcore” – Artrocker Magazine

“Word, intermediate, Excel, basic” – Karen Galloway, Charity People

Artwork by RCF1.


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