Both T.D singles released on the same day back in the ‘Year 200’

Son of a Copper and Harvest Festival EP Reviews:

Toah Dynamic nick a melodica from Hamley’s on a day trip to London, and make no attempt to keep in tune. Rhyming on 5 plucked notes, their voices Over-dubbed into a folk round. To say it’s on the verge of falling apart would be wrong. More, it’s been coined and kicked, and left in pieces. Like trying to make a tune from the sound of a wheel falling off a circus clown’s car. The wheel going one way and the car going the other. They get busy with da recorders (at school I could impress the girls, playing “London’s burning” on two recorders at once – one in each ‘stril), and shout “Get high”. It makes me laugh out loud. The same as when I hear Flava Flav shout “Chuck you’re losing ’em” accompanied by the Herb Alpert band.

Plain weirder and less contrived than the Beta Band, the Spies are Beck without resorting to the “funky drummer”. Kerouac’s Silly Goof Ball Pomes tea-leafed and re-written as cheap speed driven unpunctuated poetry concrete. A stalker’s death threat. A dyslexic ransom note.

They shout “I am everything but the girl” and the production’s worthy of the Marine Girls. They somehow manage melancholy with just 4 loops, only 3 ever playing at any one time. Somebody’s mum sez “Everybody gets fed up at work”. She’s angry and sad, but trying to sound reassuring, as she has to teach her kid the trap from which there’s no escape. These guys should be in a Shane Meadows film. It’s all pockets pulled out dole dreams. Lee Marvin on butane backed by a jazz band on cider. You can still hear the sound of stars lighting up. – Dr Rob

Frank Zappas school music lessons probably sounded much like this. Fresh music for the now and here. Who else makes a loose rambling groove ride so sweetly? thats Robot Film Noir. Year Two Thousand is late for the party but has a case of party seven so he can come in, Raleigh Chopper and all. Under My Eyelids is boy scouts band in Harlem at 4am in the morning. Photo Community is back with the not-hip-hop as we know it, but wish it would go on. How about a Invisible Spies / Anticon dream single? Tony Hart is Kid Acne with Sixty Four Cousins and Morph is Chips for The Poor. Pies come free of charge and piping hot.Don’t go without…