Boys Don’t Cry!

Quoting mesen:

“Boys Don’t Cry is an idea for a group of young men that started in Sheffield in the mid 00s that has gelled and evolved.

“Made up of a concentrated number of individuals who care deeply for the tags and characters of traditional graffiti, BDC is a crew in the original sense of the word, inspired by their European counterparts for whom strength and competition was not a concern, preferring the notions of shared culture, travel and friendship.

“As the individuals have grown up, it has become an outlet from the responsibilities of work and creational conventions. The pieces, plans and relationships are loose: mistakes are left in for the viewer to consider, technical limitations are embraced and at times, exaggerated.

“These photographs aim to promote the idea that the ultimate goal of a collective is the lucid expression of personality through style.

“This event is free and music on the night will be provided by the Klasse Rec-Tang Clan.”

All Spies fans in Berlin best head to Sameheads on Friday night for the first installment of this raucous roadshow.


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