Listen, Own and Treasure INV001

11 years ago our Invisible Spies label launched the ‘Movement’ LP by the garden shed dwelling Toah Dynamic.

For the first time ever, this 4 track recorded DIY mega blaster is available for all the internet egg heads to download and explode as the crackles wipe they brain slate clean.

Pay what you can via Invisible Spies Bandcamp.

If yo an old skooler and love a slab of vinyl in your mits and minds then head hard to our space mall to purchase the gold sounds.


“A mystery record of the finest sort (all ruminations forth strict hear/say). Toah Dynamic appear to be a collective consisting of the following: Chips for the Poor, Urban Fox, Supreme Vagabond Craftsman, 64 Cousins, The Knowledge, Kid Acne, Benjamin and Earl Shilton. What starts out as a series of Sun City Girls-esque instrumental theme-statements (clarinets mostly, distant drums, bass) warps, shifts, ends up in the lap of a sedate Swell Maps/Fall/Shadow Ring variation by way of a stream-of-consciousness vocal delivery or so. Which is unsettling enough until the electronics start filtering in (drum machines, blips). Or the chemical artifact toast-chant that opens side two. What, fuck-all, this has to do with the world is yet a mystery (sleeve at least appears to be of UK origin). The by-product of a keyed set of acerbic wits no doubt. Brilliant is as does.” –

“Uncategorisable strangeness mixing acoustic Led Zep style folk stomp with freewheeling rant and electronic noodle. At times this sounds like Reflex’s Jones backed by George Formby and various bearded woolly jumpers. “I Speak Pigeon” will burn its way into your head and stay there, and “Crazy Like a Racecar” has lyrics like you have never heard before (ie “handicapped Santa on sausage stick” etc). Don’t be put off, this will either die in ugly obscurity or become a highly valuable collector’s piece.” –

“Debut album from Toah Dynamic who released a mad 7″” a few years captain beefheart planted in hip hop culture.compiled of recordings over the last three years.14 tracks of pure madness.” – Rough Trade Shops.

As you were/n’t 😉 x

P.S As the sands shift and the clouds pass by, we will be adding more Invisible Spies releases to the online surfers.


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