Ahead of this Friday’s gig at Dusk Till Dawn, The Archway Syndrome asked Chips for the Poor a few questions…

Clare and Ben were locked hard in w-holes and overseas beach combing, so Scott and Michael got their wobble gobs on…

What does the Chips For The Poor experience bring to people’s lives?
Scott) Poverty and Ecstasy.

Michael) Visions of the past.

In the words of Facebook, what’s on your mind?
S) Telephone and fax numbers.

M) Dinner.

What one track of yours should someone unfamiliar to Chips For The Poor listen to?
S) Our Fistula video, unless you got clown syndrome 😉

M) Gracelands, Gracelands : it gets through 20 verses in 3 minutes.

What can we expect from coming to see you play at The Archway Syndrome?     S) Expect nothing and feel everything.

M) Beware the crab!

What has been your most orgasmic musical experience?
S) No comment.

M) Crikey!

What bands should we be listening to right now?
S) Asian Women On The Telephone and Shit Horse.

M) Terror Bird, Alexander Tucker, Terminal Cheesecake.

We’re getting a round in, what you having?
S) Make mine a polka dot bikini…on the rocks.

M) Pint of full fat milk please.

What’s the best song to break into after a late night with your mates out on the town?
S) Anything from West Side Story.

M) Vexations, Erik Satie.

Where’s your favourite spot in London?
S) Brompton Cemetery.

M) Morning on the Euston Road.

Have you had an utterly disastrous gigging experience?
S) We are incapable of such a thing.

M) Yes, I was onstage when the owner of venue threatened violence. I got paid in the end though.

Three things you could never be without?
S) Moon bathing, Tabasco sauce and sleeping satellites.

M) Stereo, records, shelves to put them all on.

Of all people dead or alive, who would you like to see turn up to one of your gigs?
S) Aswad on horse back.

M) Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

What do you think about Baaneex* and Closed Circuits?
S) I think about Dracula and shifting plates of Earth.

M) Baaneex, like Des Lynam on acid ; Closed Circuits, like spartacus on smack.

What is your musical ethos?
S) Whizzdumb.

M) One chord and the untruth.

What song do you wish you could have written?
S) “Love Is All Around” the Wet Wet Wet version.

M) Heads, shoulders, knees & toes.

*Baaneex have sadly had to cancel and Zoëtrøpe play instead.


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