Chips Fauna The Poor

Yup Yup, Just as the Summer slumps off into the shadowzzzzzzzzzz…..

Michael and Scott from Chips for the Poor put their airheads together and took over the Radio Fauna podcast for one month only.

Listen up and listen in via this high browed aciiiiiiiiid face 🙂

Tracks picked n played:

1/ Look At What They’ve Done — Summer Hunter
2/ Married Women — Terror Bird
3/ Sweetest Touch — Gross Magic
4/ The Touch — P. Kass
5/ Unknown Song — Unknown Artist
6/ Mummy’s Tummy — Crawling Chaos
7/ High Degree — Asian Women On The Telephone
8/ King Of All Spaceheads — Terminal Cheesecake
9/ Love Attack (demo) — Divorce
10/ That’s Funny I Don’t Feel Like A Shithead — Ex-Models feat. Kid Millions
11/ Clex 30 — Cleckhuddersfax



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