Spies On Tramlines

This weeking the main best city in the UK to be getting wet between cafes/pubs/venues is Sheffield.  The amount of quality sonic entertainment is obvious for all to see, and Peter and Paul have done an absolutely sterling job of making the city look like something significant is happening.

This year the Spies are installing themselves the length and breadth of the town in various guises and states of levitation.  For a start on Friday you’d best find your way to Kid Acne’s Kill Your Darlings opening at the Millenium Galleries, a solo show of such magnitude that missing it would be akin to missing something else equally grand.  Providing the soundtrack as tiny coloured stickers are placed neatly by pieces of artwork will be myself Slick Dixxx & Benjamin, with jangly guitar sounds resonating from The Heebie Jeebies’ soundboxes.

The afters takes place at a posh new double-deckered boozer on Division Street, and judging by the amount of people who have been asking for let-me-in wristbands already, I’d say you’d have to be quite prompt to peep the likes of me, Ben again, Ackers, Pipes, Winston Hazel, Dive Pharoah and Chris Duckenfield in action.

Saturday doesn’t leave you much time to deal with your hangover as I’m back in action on a type of line-up that Woody Allen would summon, if he had a limited budget and was making a film about Sheffield-based dance music.  That’s all day from 2pm, here’s a good chance I’ll be on at around 4.

There’s a chance that I might still be going on Saturday night with some tracks left to play, in which case I’d encourage folk to get don’t to Land, an indoor festival on the outskirts with a turd load of different musical arenas.  I shall be gracing the stage hosted by disco/house kings Don’t Walk… Boogie.


And that isn’t all!  Sunday the Spies remain all up in your aural with two sessions of obscure selections and chunky cross-fades with Ben Hatton at the Bungalows and Bears B-Music Special, and Kid Acne at the Forum playing his 7 most-loved least-scratched 7 inch spectaculars.

People with modern communication devices can follow the undoubted wit and insight of Spies like C.F.T.P. (@ChipsforthePoor), Benjamin Hatton (@benjaminhatton) and me myself (@diagonalmark), who will be tweeting away whilst on one of their toilet breaks where possible.


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