Chips for the Poor – The America’s Trilogy

> Chips For The Poor kicked off their US tour in Chicago.
Listen in to their cassette tape diary, live session on the city’s freeform radio station WZRD and their adventure on the “L” train via Resonance 104.4FM podcasts.

Track listing:
Weather Channel (live at WZRD)
Mobility Plaza (live at WZRD)
Fistula (live at WZRD)
Gracelands, Gracelands (live at Pancho’s Bar)

> Further cassette diaries from CFTP’s American odyssey, in a clip originally broadcast on Resonance’s Hello GoodBye Show. Hear the band take in some contemporary art, charity shopping, breakfast burritos, jaywalking, numberplate observations, a Bobby Conn gig, a lot of police sirens and a werewolf attack.

Listen to the podcast here.

> Chips For The Poor’s adventures in Chicago take them dodging local moonbeams and onto TV’s famous kids’ dance party Chic-a-go-go.

Then an aeroplane takes them to the Lone Star State, where the band take to the streets of Austin for South By Southwest, the world’s biggest music festival (2,000 acts play on average 5 gigs each).

Will they live the rock’n’roll dream and finally get given a free drink?
Where is this free barbecue they’d heard so much about?
Will they get out alive or fry on the chair?
Tune in to find out in the last podcast standing.

Track list:
Wet Lands (live in a back garden)
Gracelands, Gracelands (live at Trophy’s Bar And Grill, Austin)

Chips for the Poor broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM every Saturday at 10:30pm.


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