Chips for the Poor bring duh duh radio noise.

T O N I G H T >>>

The full CFTP gang is back in black n brown and heading for the sunshine studio glare of Resonance FM.

They gonna bang out a live soundtrack to your Saturday night squabbling with the mrs and cracking a broom handle against the neighbours wall…

“Turn that ruddy racket down!”.

Blast them up through the drain pipe so we ping pong off the sky lights and send cloud wavvvves to the ends of the Earth and back.

Switch that dial hard n fast to 104.4 Resonance FM on the 10:30pm dot.

The past shows are ready for your downloadunge/listen-ung pleasure.

This week you get a double blasted poster from blood brothers @billyandalbie

The brown drawing comes fresh from Billy (aged 4)…

It’s a sea monster coming out of the sea [at the top] after eating all the sailors [dead pirates at the bottom] and the round circle in the middle is their boat…

and Albie (aged 2) straight edges it pure and simple with blue lines. He allows the viewer decide on the meaning.

Don’t go changing.


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