TONIGHT Chips for the Poor are live on your wireless

EVERY SATURDAY we go live on ResonanceFM.

First there was The Monkees living the d:rEam, then S Club 7 kem along like sun drenched squat-totzzers in yur haunted fishtank.

…Now in the year 20:11, the bronco-saw-arse wireless has been turned over like a dirty duvet to the sounds and minds of the rat burger shifty twitchers CHIPS FOR THE POOR.

We catapult your breadbox into the freshly turned over patio-OH-OH so switch hard to at 10:30pm.

Episode 1 > Fistula
fly to Chicago next week and ahead of their appearance on kids’ TV show Chic-a-go-go! must record a lyrically clean version of their hit Fistula to mime to on the show.

This show will have a live remix/reinterpretation/deterioration in the studio by James III.

Radio poster by Kid Acne.

RE:LIVE the first show via the ResonanceFM Podcast


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