Methodist Centre Make a Glam Racket & Launch New Record

Last Saturday Methodist Centre played out loud and proud to the Glam Racket crowd at The Lexington in Islington. The new record, Why Have Both When You Can Have One was launched into Oi!ter Space with a showcase of the four new songs plus some old favourites like this one from their gig at the 12 Bar in January…

Here are some photos from the Glam Racket gig. Memories in monochrome by Chips For The Poor xx

Warming Up...
Leigh embracing the rider

New member Iain trying to remember his drum parts
Dean feeling the strain during new song, 'Iain's in the Band'
Dean belting out 'I'm in Her (and He's in Me)'
Leigh tearing it up
'100% Hot-Desking'
Dean + Drums = Oi! Oi! Oi!
Leigh backstage post-gig with super-fan Steve who travelled all the way from Holland especially for the gig. Big up thy chest!




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