Invisible Spies Ten Year Anniversary Mixxx Track List

Yo Ho Ho,
Over Criggmata we had some crate/grave diggers get in touch and request a low down in what went in the hoedown…

Deep breath and submerge ya scroll mind below…

Short Fuses Long Memories AKA Now That’s What I Call Wasted Money Vol. 1 AKA A Rush Of Blood To The Penis AKA Ten Years Deep & Still Diggin AKA We couldn’t even throw them away

1. Kid Acne “Chase Intro”

2. Toah Dynamic “I Want To Be Your Friend”

3. Toah Dynamic “Rave Radio”/Kid Acne “Hooligan 78”

4. Kid Acne “Gyp-O-Hop”

5. Kid Acne “2,3,Break It”/Kid Acne “Gyp-O-Hop”

6. Supreme Vagabond Craftsman “Polar Nights”

7. Methodist Centre “Leigh Glenn And Dean”

8. Methodist Centre “Came Out In The 90’s”

9. Methodist Centre “In My Town”

10. Kid Acne “Eddy Fresh (Gescom Remix)”/Earl Shilton “European Kanone”

11. Chips For The Poor “LSD Who Said That”/Kid Acne “Hooligan 78″/Chips For The Poor “Across The Carpark”

12. Toah Dynamic “Werewolf Machinery”/Chips From The Poor “EchoecoecoecoesBREAK”/Toah Dynamic “Electric Breeze”/Benjamin “Hero One Theme Pt.1”

13. Kid Acne “Eddy Fresh (Gescom Remix)”/Sunshine Souljah “Kill You Wid Word”

14. Chips For The Poor “Across The Carpark”/Mongrels “Fresh Arrangements Dub”

15. Supreme Vagabond Craftsman “Shadows Interfered”/Chips For The Poor “Across The Carpark”

16. Kid Acne “Sliding Doors (Midfield General Dub)”/Chips For The Poor “Across The Carpark”

17. Earl Shilton “Zwei Raume (Voller Insekten)”/Chips For The Poor “Across The Carpark”

18. Supreme Vagabond Craftsman “Polar Nights”

19. Chips For The Poor “I Am A Warrior”

20. Methodist Centre “Silence In Serbia”

21. Tenor Fly “Now ‘Ear Dis”/Supreme Vagabond Craftsman “Check Out My Rifle Range”/Supreme Vagabond Craftsman “Shadows Interfered”

22. Supreme Vagabond Craftsman “Polar Nights”/Toah Dynamic “Billy Jean Kick Out”/Chips For The Poor “Across The Carpark”

23. Supreme Vagabond Craftsman “Western Day Off”

24. Supreme Vagabond Craftsman “Hungerford Nation”

25. Toah Dynamic “Look Out Boom Boom”

26. Toah Dynamic “Don’t Look Down”/Supercat “Yush”

27. Chips For The Poor “Across The Carpark”/Toah Dynamic “Pentecostal Quids In”

28. Supreme Vagabond Craftsman “Europe’s Parks”/Earl Shilton 2nd Lp track 6

Some skip rats may get lucky but spend ya Criggy money muscle this way



  1. send me the tracklist! it’s impossible to cut and paste from this web without much hassling

    happy new year & that


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