hmv digital

Video evidence of the day’s recording. If you can spot Bono and Sting snogging in the corner, then we’ll get the next round in.

In the beginning, there was a joke. And now the joke is so close to becoming a reality.
We’ve gone from an obscure Facebook group with five members, to being a worldwide sensation, reported across global media as being possibly the strangest and most exciting Christmas number one contender in music history.
Now it’s time to put our plans into action, and the beautiful thing about this is it’s so simple. Just download the track from any or all of our links provided on the left. Each download means you are giving money to deserving causes. It’s a small cost to us individually, but it can help to make a big difference to our five carefully chosen partner charities.
When we hit the top spot this Christmas, nobody knows exactly what will happen. Will radio stations play 4’33”? Will Simon Cowell mop his tears with £50 notes on national television?
Join us in making chart history by getting a ‘silent’ song to number one, raising money for some deserving causes at Christmas time, and having more fun with silence than was ever thought possible.

Dave & Julie Hilliard and John Rogers

Several remix versions have emerged and our own Chips for the Poor cracked out a version of 4′ 33″. Listen and download for fun.

4’33” (CATM Version) Chips for the Poor Remix by Chips_for_the_Poor

Recorded on a Blackberry Curve 8520 by the band Chips for the Poor at 9:23pm on Wednesday 8th December 2010 at The Enterprise Studios, Denmark Place, London. They stood with instruments in solidarity silence as the rest of the world played on behind closed doors.

Here’s to a silent night x


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