Short Fuses / Long Memories – Ten Years Deep & Still Diggin’

Here’s a gallery of the impeccable sleeve art we’ve created over the years.
Hold tight for the anniversary mixtape –
“Short Fuses / Long Memories
Now That’s What I Call Wasted Money Vol. 1
A Rush Of Blood To The Penis
Ten Years Deep & Still Diggin’
We Couldn’t Even Throw Them Away“…
coming soon.

Toah Dynamic – Movement

Benjamin – Red Sun
Toah Dynamic – Son of A Copper
Toah Dynamic – Harvest Festival
Mongrels – Fresh Arrangements
Kid Acne – Regarde, Kid Acne
Kid Acne – Squirrel Hunters (Midfield General Remix)
Kid Acne – Rap Traffic
Supreme Vagabond Craftsman – 2wice As Nude
Toah Dynamic – Cops Hate Our Love
Earl Shilton – Two Rooms (Full of Insects)
Kid Acne – Council Pop
Kid Acne – Reality Raps
Chips for the Poor – LSD Who Said That?
Methodist Centre – I Sold Out To Management
Methodist Centre – How Safe Is Safe Sex?
Supreme Vagabond Craftsman – F*ck Everyone, I Am King
Methodist Centre – When You Love Your Job It’s Only Half A Day
Chips for the Poor – Tell Your Mum, Bolan’s Back!
Earl Shilton – Sanguinaria



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