For those of you who missed the launch of Chips for the Poor’s 7” at The Stag’s Head then you missed a true blue living in a box gig by all, dry yer eyes mate, you can still get their single c/o our shop at but sadly the 22 minute CD versions of ‘I Am A Warrior’ have gone to the lucky new starters who got in like Flynn.

Methodist Centre DJs brought the bomb squad booom booom to our walk on water and finished us off with some Oi! Oi! Oi! .They sure can multi task those civil servants. I even got their number 😉

Design-a-Wave packed it up/out hitting them stars and rainbows in a blaze of glory. There is no couch surfing needed with these clenkuul buzzards, it’s all about the ironing board and stair case. Zoom, zooooooooming on uP!

Chips for the Poor cracked out some truly madly deeply future hits…

even with the near death of the drum machine after 36 years service to planet earth but with some much needed mouth to mouth, the highlights spun hard…

two being, the new broken Britain world cup song ‘Fistula’ for our brave 23 lions… plus THE BANGER! ‘I am a Warrior’

what got blood on the dance floor as Chips done a beta max Iggy Pop splash down into a busted pint pot.

This is not fake D.I….,Y, because we want to.

Have fun in the sun and thanks loads to all the faces what stepped in the arena for a peaking duck. The kids are still talking about it even today. People who weren’t there are already saying they were and four super influential bands of the future have been formed in the wake of this gig.

Enjoy The Silence x

Thanks for the photographs by Iain and Melissa.