Oi Pearsy and Whizzer, Beep! Beep! News Update from Chips for the Poor

Nearly 5 years since the last single release (you’d get less for murder) Arf! Arf!

Chips for the Poor grab their lasso’s and hop off the wagon, where they’ve been visited by the kung-fu of Christmas past and shaken by the prospect of a future future talking with the fishes (note they swims 3 times a week at East London’s York Hall).

They got grabbed up by a fresh-like-the-daisy-age band who have grappled the one armed bandit drum machine and bounced their bread boxes off weekends suppin diesel leaks and home made margaritas to vom up the spring/summer/autumn/winter hits of 2010…

“Tell Your Mum, Bolan’s Back!”
(Airplay on Radio 1, XFM, NME, Dandelion Radio and ResonanceFM)
features the radio edit of the 22 minute live crusade ‘I am a Warrior’ with the flip side being your broken English anthem ‘C*ck, C*nt, P*nis, T*ny Blair, T*na Turner’ and the crooked aerial burst of ‘Weather Channel’.

Now tread carefully, as this is wafer thin ice….

All captured on reel to reel whilst on a day trip to a haunted East Midland’s lace factory and melted into a glamorous clear vinyl package accompanied by the artwork of Ian Stevenson.

We release it from the clouds into your palms, the future’s here but it don’t belong to us, so no downedload yet, it’s available to buy on clear vinyl only.

We thought you’d like to dig on these reviews we’ve had so far for our single ‘Tell Your Mum, Bolan’s Back!’.

“The return of Chips for the Poor, which is obviously a moment for rejoice, fantastic!”

– John Kennedy, XFM.

“This one’s a banger!”

– Huw Stephens, Radio 1.

“Fuckin’ love the new track”

– Jon Hillcock, NME Radio.

“When they’re on it, no band can touch them”

Rough Trade Shops.

“I am a Warrior – Dope”

DJ Cherrystones.

“A favourite and veritable oddball – artist of the week”

Cloud Sounds.

“Pure punk brattery”

Roulette Magazine.

‘Broken Britain in full effect – Single of the week’

Organ Magazine.

‘One of the musical highlights of the year’

– Mark Whitby, Dandelion Radio. Read Mark’s full review on his blog.

“My favourite band ever”

Zombie Disco Squad.

“A rousing yell to throw a spear at the weatherman”


“Musically menacing”

The Dalston Howl

“These guys are ace. They make me realize that loads of bands are not worth listening to”

Norman Records

and this is from the past but we like it…

“An interesting and effortlessly arty bunch of rough-necks”


We’ll be celebrating the release with a face to face on Thursday 3rd June at The Stag’s Head in Hoxton alongside Design-A-Wave and Methodist Centre DJs.

Free entry from 7:30pm PLUS we’ll be flogging the discs for mates rates at a very reasonable hardcore rate decided on the night.

Get downed to get uP’t x

p.s If you can’t make launch off then the single is available from the Spies shop NOW.